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Share the Cross

Share the Cross is an annual event, this time happening for its third year! This event is a solemn and prayerful walk with a heavy wooden cross which burden we share as a community along the Sugar River. Brother Knights raise money as pledges and donations for the event and the proceeds go to seminarians, food banks, and other charities. Please consider donating below!


For the past few years, we've been sponsoring an event called “Sharing the Cross”. It was started by Blaise O'Mara, a young Knight at our council, several years ago. Supreme made a video of the original hike and the idea has spread to other councils around the country.

Here is the video of that first hike which Blaise named “Carry the Cross” 

We ran with the idea and started doing an annual event, in parallel, for anyone that wanted to participate but didn't have the ability to do such a strenuous activity. We walk 10 miles from Claremont to Newport along the Sugar River Trail, sharing the carrying of a cross. Some only do a portion due to mobility issues and there are many areas along the Sugar River Trail where you can be picked up once you’ve had enough. During the walk, we stop and do the Stations of the Cross. This year we're adding an element: putting a basket of prayer intentions at the foot of the cross at each Station, given by parishioners and the surrounding community. It's a fantastic spiritual exercise for everyone involved.


In concert with the spiritual aspect, it's also our main fund raiser for the year. This year we've made an effort to be more transparent with our donation intentions; 1/3 will be given to our seminarians, another 1/3 will go to Pro Life causes, and the final 1/3 will be distributed to the community (food banks, soup kitchens, etc.). 


To increase participation, we’re asking other councils of the region to join in and help us to support our seminarians and the other organizations mentioned. Here’s how you can help:

  • Join us in the “Sharing the Cross” walk this year. The trail is 10 miles but you can walk any section or the entire 10 miles.

  • Join Blaise O’Mara on his more vigorous hike which will be on the same day. For more information, Blaise can be reached by email at

  • Distribute flyers to your parish or council. Envelopes with Prayer Intention Cards will soon be available for distribution as well. 

  • Make a donation!

  • Send us a prayer card with your intentions, (Donation is not required) which will be carried all 10 miles and placed at the foot of the cross during each station.

  • Pray for our success.

“Sharing the Cross” will be on Saturday, September 30th this year. Rain date is Saturday October 7th. We'll meet at St. Patrick's in Newport, NH at Noon, carpool to Claremont, do the walk, and then have a BBQ at St. Patrick's Church at approximately 5PM or just after the 4PM vigil Mass. 


If you have questions, please contact any member of the Fr. McCarthy Council or organizer Alan LaRose can be reached at:


Call or text 603-491-6252

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